• Ramon Jun Zerrudo

Possible World War III looms as Ukrainian President calls Russian Despot's bluff and hints "all in"

Russia's President Putin may have up to this point in the ongoing war been able to hold the West at bay because he has threatened to escalate the now month-old conflict into a nuclear war if challenged with a no-fly zone declaration by the United States or any if its allies but Ukraine's President Zelenskky is not waiting for anybody to decide for him what happens next.

In the face of the collective rejection by the United States and others of Zelenskyy's desperate appeals for help in controlling its skies he now finds it necessary to confront Putin head on and warns of exactly such consequence that Putin has put forward -- if, according to Zelenskyy, talks for peace fails.

These pronouncements the latter made in a television interview over at CNN aired Sunday, March 20, 2022. For his part Putin gave his own ultimatum: Ukraine must surrender the battered and besieged City of Mariupul by 5 a.m. March 21.

Exactly what steps would Putin take if Ukraine does not accede to his demands is not clear just as how exactly would the fight between Russia and Ukraine could turn into a World War remains speculative absent any definite commitment of direct involvement by the U.S., NATO and of the European Union.

In other words, the heart breaking and deadly high stakes poker game continues. Prayers for Godly wisdom, humility, compassion and grace for all involved should too.


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