• Ramon Jun Zerrudo

Zelenskyy appeals to Canadian Parliament: "Please close the sky"; military aid continue to pour in

Embattled Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy delivered today an emotional plea to the Canadian Parliament to "Please close the sky" and "Please stop the bombing" by establishing a no-fly zone over his country.

The heroic actor-turned-politician asked "how many more cruise missiles have to fall on our cities until you make this happen?" even as he thanked Canada for its military and humanitarian support. Tomorrow Zelenskyy will be addressing the U.S. Congress despite President Biden's reluctance to heed Zelenskyy's appeal for fear it might draw America into a direct confrontation with Russia and dangerously risk a potential nuclear war.

In the meantime however, military equipment and armaments continue to arrive in Ukraine from at least fifteen (15) countries including both Canada and the U.S. and the effort appears to have considerably slowed Russia's advance that began twenty (20) days ago.

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