• Ramon Jun Zerrudo

What? There's a "Climate Emergency"? Brainwashed youth playing into the hands of John Kerry, et al

In case you missed it, failed Democratic Presidential candidate and now "Climate Czar" John Kerry warned last March 7, 2022 that “If you think migration has been a problem in Europe from the Syrian war — or even from what we see now [in Ukraine] — wait until you see 100 million people for whom the entire food production capacity has collapsed,” Kerry has tied the Ukraine war with his cause and is trying very hard to promote his controversial agenda.

Undoubtedly spurred by Kerry, today a number of youth activists marched through Washington D.C. to demand President Biden to end all fossil fuel projects," "ensure a just and immediate transition to renewable energies," "hold polluters accountable," and "declare a climate emergency".

But while the noisy ones like the crowd at the nation's capital, majority of Americans know better. They share the opinion of Rudy Guerzini, Editor-in-Chief of University of Indiana's The Shield who wrote in 2018 that "Climate Change is a Hoax" He said in part:

"Climate change isn’t real…at least not the way we look at it. Yes the climate is changing, but the climate has always been changing. There have been approximately five ice ages throughout Earth’s history. This is significant because these were all natural cycles of the Earth’s climate, and they weren’t caused by the polluting factories of the energy industry because they did not exist billions of years ago. It is also important to distinguish between weather and climate.

Weather is what the conditions of the atmosphere are over a short period of time, while climate is how the atmosphere behaves over relatively long periods of time, according to NASA. No, the reason why it flurried on Monday in Evansville is not because the climate of the entire planet went through a dramatic change. The weather changes all the time, every day in fact, and many times it is due to natural weather patterns caused by winds and storms.

Sometimes changes in the weather are caused by man-made pollution through power plants. For instance, power plants produce large amounts of nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide, which are the pollutants that cause acid rain, when they burn fossil fuels like coal to create energy.

Regulation of this industry is necessary, but the planet is not going to instantaneously combust because of pollution.

Global Warming debunked, now they alarm us with Climate Change

What happened to the global warming argument? For years people have argued that the Earth is becoming increasingly warmer leading to melting ice caps and rises in sea level. They are right. The Earth is getting warmer, but not by as much as you would think. The average global temperature on Earth has only increased by about 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880 according to an ongoing temperature analysis conducted by scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS).

Is this why the Paris Climate Agreement is so important? Is this why former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders called climate change the single greatest threat facing our planet? A 1.4-degree change in 138 years?

If you woke up tomorrow morning and there was a 1.5-degree change in the temperature, would you cite climate change or global warming? But climate change is not the single greatest threat facing our planet. It would take thousands of years for energy pollution to cause any significant change to the climate, and with the industry constantly changing, who knows if this will even be an issue 100 years later. Enjoy the weather this Earth Day because the climate isn’t changing anytime soon."

I agree with Guerzini. If you yourself don't, do some objective research. You'd be surprised about the misinformation that's dominated the public discourse over these many years.

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