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Updated: Feb 22

You'll notice right away two things that's unique here: 1) each one of my post is going to be a brief comment about a featured news item or article that I have sourced from and linked with a reputable news outlet, and; 2) where I am critical it will be done in the spirit of reconciliation and not of condemnation. If that sounds Biblical that is because my perspective on the matters that I will be writing about will be from a Biblically Christian worldview. My motive and purpose? To subtly, gently and politely point my readers to the best and greatest news in all human history - the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Now, now, I'm not going to be preaching about any religion. I said "Good News" and nothing else. Perhaps a comment here and there about certain biblical teachings but those would be just for clarification purposes. Notice the word "point". I will only direct those who are curious or interested in finding out more about that particular ”Good News” to where specifically can they read about it. I claim no scholastic authority neither do I have the traditional credentials in the field of theology and the like. After all, I am just -- to borrow a term from C.S. Lewis -- a "mere" Christian, a Christ follower if you will. Otherwise, we'll just stick to the current events of the day, alright?

One more thing: A lot of my posts will unavoidably be political in tenor and nature. That is simply because these days most of the news revolve around politics. That may be sad but that's the reality of the times. Hence, we'll have to deal with it - squarely and fairly. But of course.

Happy reading!

Ramon 'Jun' Zerrudo

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