• Ramon Jun Zerrudo

Vicious left intentionally misguided; pressure tactics part of playbook

Updated: May 9

Whether the Democrat-led and Democrat-empowered protesters harass politicians, civil servants or individual private citizens at restaurants, homes or places of work for various and sundry political reasons, I see two facts stand out during each occasion: 1) they are grossly and intentionally misguided and 2) they are directed at those who they identify as 'conservative' or 'right leaning' in ideology or position on any issue, without exception -- even if some of those they target are Democrats themselves.

It so happens that at the present time their efforts are directed at the Supreme Court Justices who they charge are against 'reproductive freedom'. Nothing can be farther from the true, real and actual issue. These more-often-than-not vicious activists are either simply ignorant puppets played by highly organized and well-oiled manipulators or they have been indoctrinated in a long process over time.

The issue is not about the personal beliefs or preferences of the Justices with regards to whether or not women have rights to 'reproductive freedom' but which institution has the constitutional jurisdiction to make that determination.

The Court’s ’majority opinion draft' penned by Justice Samuel Alito last February which is neither current nor final is what the commotion is all about. The leaked draft (the leakage itself being a very serious violation of some kind) reportedly indicate that the courts do not have the legal mandate in judging a moral or social matter such as abortion and that it should be up to the people of each state to decide through their elected state representatives.

Before 1973 that was indeed the case and an overturn of Roe v Wade now would mean a return to the original order of things. Needless to say, any decision on abortion made by the people is influenced to a large extent by the electorate's religious background. The role of God in the lives of the people cannot be diminished nor ignored. I am convinced that is what is at the very heart of the controversy.

Hence, the likelihood of the SCOTUS overturning Roe v Wade is a valid pursuit the tendency towards which was hinted by no less than the liberals' own champion herself, the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Her position ironically contradicts the protesters’ mantra. Go check it out.

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