• Ramon Jun Zerrudo

Ukraine-Russia conflict: "Peacetalks" ongoing, Kharkiv shelling intensifies, both sides buying time

Updated: Mar 6

The end to the war in Ukraine is nowhere near in sight - far from it. If anything, the ongoing negotiations in Belarus between envoys of both countries are, tactically speaking, mutual delaying ploys by both parties intended to buy much-needed time: Putin's military need to replenish and re-supply the dwindling logistics of his forces while Zelenskyy desperately needs the delivery of much-needed arms and munitions that were promised by the U..S., Germany, Finland, Lithuania and others

What is evidently abundant is the Russian President's determination to crush Ukraine by any and all means including the use of nukes and Ukraine's head of state's resolve to lead his people in defending his nation fighting the enemy to the death! In other words, the forced quagmire will get worse before it gets better.

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