• Ramon Jun Zerrudo

Russian advance bogs down, giant military transport planes, other aircrafts reportedly shot down

Updated: Mar 6

Things are not working out as quickly and as efficiently as Putin planned the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine to be. Despite the tremendous advantage the Russian military enjoys over its Ukrainian counterpart, it appears the ambitious dictator‘s forces are being hammered by the Ukrainians' bravery, tenacity and determination to defend their country and their way of life.

So far, as opposed to about 300 lost Ukrainian lives, over three thousand Russian soldiers have reportedly been killed and numerous military assets such as helicopters, tanks, armored vehicles and other equipment have been destroyed by the Ukrainians. More dramatically, thousands of newly armed civilians are fighting it out with Russian soldiers in the capital city of Kyiv. Consequently, the advance is bogging down. So far the Russians have not gained total control of the air skies and neither have they successfully established an occupation of a major city.

Based on these and developments in other areas such as a growing military support for Ukraine coming from the United States and other countries, I am confident that Putin will eventually fail and he will not be able to accept the utter humiliation. I suspect that will inevitably lead to either a desperate move on his part to dangerously resort to a literal nuclear "option" or he will be drastically removed from his position one way or another by elements from within or without Russia before he can do further damage.

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