• Ramon Jun Zerrudo

Root cause of senseless killings: not mental, political nor social -- it's far deeper

In an attempt to find answers and solutions to an all-too-common problem of mass murders in the American society, ‘experts’ are quick to label the cause as either ‘mental health condition’, ‘inadequate or inappropriate gun laws’ or ‘anti-social social media culture’.

Tragically speaking, they all miss the mark! Either they deliberately ignore or are sadly ignorant of another dimension in human existence, the one that matters most and is at the very root of all life’s problems — the spiritual part of our being. More specifically, the so-called “fallen“ or the sinful nature of man.

Ironically, contrary to popular belief, the solution is not religion which for all intents and purposes only complicates the issue. Not reforms either be it legal, moral or otherwise. Man needs a new heart, a new conscience if you will, A new nature to be precise.

That nature cannot be legislated, learned or institutionalized. Nor can it be attained through any kind of effort on anyone's part. It can only be given as an unmerited favor and received through faith. There is only one Way just as there is only one Truth and only one Life. Therein, ultimately, lies the hope for each and for all of us. .

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