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  • Ramon Jun Zerrudo

NYC Mayor Adams wrongly claims 'no limitations on abortion', 'is health care, it's that simple'

No Mr. Mayor, abortion is killing babies and is not health care, it's that simple. At a pro-choice demonstration in New York City Saturday, Adams also charged that the people identified with the pro-life movement are 'radical extremists' and that 'men should not have that right to choose how a woman should treat their body'.

Surely, his honor knows that nothing is more radical and extremist than advocating a blatant crime such as the taking of life of another human being which an unborn child is. Secondly, he is correct in saying that men do not decide how a woman should treat her body and thirdly, the issue is not at all about treatment of someone's body be it a woman's, a man's, or a child's -- rather, the issue as alluded to is the killing, pure and simple. Anything else is a deflection, a denial, a deliberate deception or all three together!

Photo courtesy of Fox News

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