• Ramon Jun Zerrudo

My take: Stop the carnage right now! Deterrents are ill-timed, immediate intervention is a must!

Updated: Mar 6

The world has been held hostage by Putin's threat of a nuclear war if any one country decides to engage him in the fight for Ukraine -- the fight for its people's annihilation if you're the heartless dictator or the fight for the preservation of life in general if you're not.

It seems the United States and the rest of the free world would rather see some 40 million Ukrainians dead by bombardment than possibly 500 million Europeans (that includes Russians) evaporated! As if the issue is about mathematics.

Knowing the man the way we do now, he may very well resort to that anyway regardless of reason but why wait and see? The easy way out of this mess is Putin's sudden demise of course but unless it is by direct Divine Intervention the human means will certainly not be easy to pull off - there had been failed attempts before. This is one slick 'dude'.

As far as I can tell the only practical and realistic thing to do is to stealthily send in mercenaries and smuggle in arms and ammunitions as soon as today. The capability is there. The resources are there. What is not there is the will, determination and strong leadership. One thing is clear: the risk is well worth it. Let us give President Zelenskyy and his countrymen what they have been asking and begging for!

In the meantime, may the God-fearing people of the world pray that His guidance, enabling grace, love and mercy rule the hearts and minds of those involved in this human tragedy — and may His Sovereign will be done.

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