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Good Friday non-special: NYT's essayist mocks God but mocks himself instead in the process

Updated: Apr 19

On Good Friday 2022 the New York Times published a guest essay penned by a certain Shalom Auslander who suggested that people should stop paying attention to God because He is "hateful", full of "brutality", and "If he were mortal, the God of Jews, Christians and Muslims would be dragged to the Hague".

Auslander blames God for the war in Ukraine and equates the brutality with "plagues and floods, with fire and fury, on the young and old, the guilty and innocent" in ancient Egypt and elsewhere during biblical times. He also criticized God for rabbis being heavy-handed in teaching children that God threw Adam out of Eden for "eating an apple". Likewise for "cursing all women for eternity because of Eve's choices?"

The writer concluded that "killing gods is an idea I can get behind".

My comment: Really? The gentleman is obviously ignorant about the contents, meaning and message of the Bible. In his attempt to mock God, he ends up mocking common sense, reason and, ultimately, his own self. This is what he failed to see and learn from both the Bible and secular history: that God is a God of Love, Mercy and Justice.

Lastly, his hypothesis "if God were mortal he would be dragged. ." is, to put it bluntly, dumb. He correctly assumes that God is immortal and that if He were mortal He can be dragged. It appears that Auslander has not heard of the term “oxymoronic”. Either God is immortal or He is not God at all! (Did someone just say “duh”?)

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