• Ramon Jun Zerrudo

Gas price scandal: Biden administration bent on destruction or simply tone-deaf?

Updated: Mar 14

In a briefing last Monday WhiteHouse Press Secretary Jen Psaki blamed U.S. oil producers for not using some 9,000 drill permits and are therefore causing the low energy supply which is the reason for the high price of gas and oil.

”Not so”, according to Mike Sommers, CEO of the American Petroleum Institute in an interview with Fox News today. He accused Psaki of misleading the public because it is not as simple as the Secretary makes it out to be.

Sommers explained that the process is very complex and takes years to accomplish notwithstanding the bureaucratic red tape. So, in also summarilly dismissing the Keystone-XL Pipeline activation as “not oil production” Psaki ignored the fact that although the oil that the pipeline is designed to deliver to the U.S. is produced in Canada, it will immediately increase the local supply once refined in Texas and elsewhere.

Based on clamors by Biden’s detractors’ to resolve the problem, the President’s decision to stop the developmemt of the Keystone-XL Pipeline due to his green energy policies was the main reason that plunged the country into an energy crisis in the first place that in turn exacerbated the record-high rate of inflation in the second place.

My take: politicians have natural credibility issues but the people need to know the truth about both the economic realities of the times and the highly questionable “global warming”/”climate change” ideology. Proverbs 8:7 says “For my mouth shall speak truth”.

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