• Ramon Jun Zerrudo

'Fallen' CNN: Can this once respectable news network still be 'saved'? Yes, just like man if. . .

I'm obviously not talking about the soul of a news network (it does not have any, or does it?) -- but CNN's continued drop to oblivion due to self-inflicted serious injuries, thanks to ex boss Jeff Zucker and his extremely liberal-minded minions Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Brian Stelter, Jake Tapper and others.

But just like sinful human beings who can be regenerated by grace if they come to the realization of their need to repent and be transformed, CNN may yet be salvaged or given a new life through the machinations of the incoming new head honcho Chris Licht in tandem with Discovery CEO David Zaslav. Discovery will shortly become the new owner of CNN,

Repentance or 'turn around and go towards the opposite direction' which is what the word means, would require a difficult re-reorientation process for those aforementioned individuals in order for them to become objective, honest and straightforward journalists once again. Much like the "fair, balanced and unafraid" mantra that FOX News' Bret Baier claims in his daily show.

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