• Ramon Jun Zerrudo

Faith leaders urge prayer for Putin “to see error of his ways”, for “Americans to be less divisive”

Fox News Digital reported this week insightful comments made by T.D. Jakes of Potters House in Dallas, Texas and James Spencer of D.L. Moody Center in Northfield, Massachusetts along with other faith leaders, about the war in Ukraine.

Bishop Jakes said that one lesson from the horrific images of the conflict seen by people is that “both triumph and tragedy often cohabitate in the same space”. referring to the Ukrainians’ spirit of patriotism vis-a-vis the devastation of the war. He urged the American people to be less divisive by not seeing themselves as red state or blue state but as red, white and blue.

For his part, Spencer said that Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine is the “opposite of Christ’s decision to set aside all his advantages in order to serve others and to sacrifice himself for the sake of the world”. He asked that believers should pray for Putin “to see the error of his ways“, an implication to put one’s faith in the Gospel of Christ.

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