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  • Ramon Jun Zerrudo

Extreme height of lunacy: Democrat abortion advocate claims men can get pregnant and have abortions!

The hostile 'left' (left of truth, of reality and of good old plain common sense) are at it again. This time when asked at a hearing in Congress on "Abortion Access and Care" on May 19, Aimee Arrambide, an "activist working to advance reproductive justice" whether men can get pregnant and have abortions she answered unequivocally "yes".

In reaction, Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor characterized Ararrambide's comment as "another level of stupid". To which also radio host James T. Harris added "And this is why we are doomed! According to Fox News, the numerous critical reactions coming from politicians and non-politicians alike “eviscerated” the pronouncements by Arrambide.

Makes me wonder who is behind all the mass misinformation, destructrive indocrinations and systemic deceptions and what is this entity's purpose and objective? I have a theory, and it is bible-based. He is called the Master of Lies and Deception.

(Fox News photo)

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