• Ramon Jun Zerrudo

Bluffing or not it's time NOW to accept Putin's challenge and come to the rescue of Ukraine!

Unless President Biden is willing to live with blood on his hands and forever be blamed for allowing the annihilation of a people, he must declare right away a "no-fly-zone" over the entire country of Ukraine and deal with Putin's threat of an all-out war.

Sure, there's a case to be made in charging Putin as a calculatingly murderous criminal but there is no indication that he is willing to "be eliminated" in a war situation. He may say he is ready "to die" for his cause but like everybody else he certainly does not want any one to do him harm nor does he want to be "vaporized" into oblivion the way he threatens his enemies -- i.e., the entire civilized world -- with a nuclear war.

First of all, Putin knows everybody loses in that kind of a conflict, himself included. Secondly, NATO, Europe, the U.S. and their allies are more than ready and more than capable of obliterating Putin's Russia and company before he could inflict any significant damage anywhere.

Thirdly, his own countrymen will likely attempt to sabotage his plans and thwart whatever moves he initiates thereby rendering his plans inexecutable. Why, if he could not overrun Ukraine in the operationally specified short period of time with his massive military machine, how could one expect him to take on the world?

Lastly, as I've said in a previous post, it does not boil down to a choice between sacrificing a nation of 40 million people and risking the possible loss of over half a billion Russians and Europeans combined. The issue is not about numbers, it's about stopping the atrocities. The decision is whether or not to stop Putin's aggression, period.

There is absolutely no way to rationalize the giving of a pass to Putin's efforts to continue the indiscriminate massacre of thousands of innocent men, women and children. Biden must heed President Zelenskyy's desperate pleas for a chance to survive with a "no-fly-zone" and Biden must step on the plate and lead in the taking of Putin head-on. Today. Biden dilly dallied long enough. Tomorrow may be too late.

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