• Ramon Jun Zerrudo


Putin's brazen move of attacking Ukraine during the last two days is not without warning -- he neither hid nor feign his intentions. In initially recognizing two breakaway areas (Donetsk and Lugansk) as new Republics the strongman has clearly begun to execute his plan of restoring or reconstituting the pre-cold war USSR or a variation of it, something he has openly desired for a long time.

But why now ? The answer is simple and plain: he knew the United States has gotten so weak, unreliable and unwilling to stand up and help defend a sovereign country like Ukraine there is no better time to strike. Many are squarely blaming both Obama and Biden for "setting the stage". Again, as I have implied in my past blogposts, while this is an extremely troubling situation a graver concern is the prospect of a "boiling over" of conflict in the Pacific with China invading Taiwan. And what about Iran attacking Israel?

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