• Ramon Jun Zerrudo

A ‘disturbed’ Fauci believes he is above the law, thinks federal court cannot overrule mask mandate

In reaction to a CBS interview April 21, 2022 about a Florida federal court ruling on travel mask mandates, critics were quick to attack the controversial doctor’s "stupidity" and for being "hell bent on using Covid to control people".

Fauci lamented and said he finds "disturbing" the recent ruling by US District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle because he said she did not have any experience in pubic health. I submit he either missed or ignored the position of the court (which had nothing to do with the judge) that states that the mask mandate for airplanes and other public transport methods is unlawful because it :"exceeded the statutory authority of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and because its implementation violated administrative law".

What blinded the country!s highest paid bureaucrat is his assumption that the court interfered with the CDC’s opinion(s) about health which he explained are not a "judicial matter".

Foxnews reports radio host Mark Davis asked in a tweet "Stupidity or willful blindness?" before adding “The CDC is entitled to whatever opinion it wishes, it does not have the right to impose them through law into the interiors of aircraft”.

Glenn Greenwald, a former Intercept journalist, tweeted "This is either very ignorant or very deceitful from Fauci. Of course it's CDC's job, not a judge's, to make public health policy. That wasn't what the judge was doing. She was ruling on the legal limits and scope of CDC power. And that's the job of a judge to do, not the CDC". In other words, the court was not judging any issue regarding public health but as pointed out earlier, the "statutory authority" of the CDC which the court said it "exceeded", along with its violation of "administrative law".

Earlier in the week airborne travelers exploded in jubilation with shouts of ”freedom!” when a Delta Airlines pilot first announced the court’s decision that ended the long-dreaded mandate.

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